Burton Flight Attendant 159 Snowboard Bräda

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Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Burton Flight Attendant 159 Snowboard Bräda.

Denna mycket populär modell är lite styvare i bak och då mer "directional" men den har twin tip så att åka "fakie" och köra lite flat land trick funkar fint.

Men den kommer verkligen till sin rätt i högre fartregistret och när förhållanden är krävande både i och off pist.

Prepare for take-off with a board that makes waves for its abilities to carve and catch air.

Designed to be a terrain-slaying alternative to more traditional twin shapes, the men's Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard is a free spirit that dissects both pow and hard-pack with equal precision. Balanced Freeride Geometry is the secret with setback camber and sidecut that are centered on your stance to create a twin freestyle feel when riding flat base. On edge the board turns tight and quick, with Directional Camber and taper for added float and flow. A blend of big mountain attributes and all-terrain aggression, the Flight Attendant finds the sweet spot for everything from steep lines and spontaneous slashes to wind-lips, pillows, and side hits.

ABOUT THE GRAPHIC: “The base graphic represents moving forward with constant exploration, both local and abroad, in search of good times and good terrain. A scrapbooked top sheet portrays the creative process in documenting the moments of shared adventure.” — Dean Blotto Gray, photographer and creative media

Park: 4/10

All-mountain: 8/10

Powder: 8/10