Thunder Brock 145mm skateboard truckar

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Thunder Brock 145mm 


Thunder DLXSF samma fina Thunder geometri som alla Thunders.

  • 1. Thunder truck geometry is perfect. Thunder trucks turn perfectly. Once a pair of Thunders are on your board, everything feels right. Skating becomes easier, or really it just becomes RIGHT. Tricks come easy, turning feels just right. Thunder has just got it!
  • 2. Thunder bushing are ready to skate. No need to break in Thunder truck bushings. For the average skater, Thunder bushings are not too soft and not too hard.
  • 3. Thunders grind nicely. Although this is not hard to accomplish, the aluminum chosen for the hanger seems to be just right for grinding.

Total vikt (2st truckar): 680gram

Skön sväng och låg vikt är en bra kombination. Passar bädor 7.5 till 7.8