Lucky Toaster Pro 2-pack 110mm Sparkcykel hjul

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619 kr

Lucky Toaster Pro 110mm i Neochrome / rainbow color.

110mm scooter wheel features Lucky Rebound Technology™ (LRT™), a combination of high-performance urethane, a new pouring process, and a proprietary curing method which gives these wheels a grippy, fast, and buttery roll.

Kullager och spacers:Ingår
Hjul hårdhet:86A
Kärna design:Spoked
Hjul diameter:110mm
Hjul pr. packet:2
Kärna material:Aluminium 6061
Hjul profil:Rund
Kullager precision:Anges inte
Kullager storlek:608
Axel diameter:8mm
Hjulets nav bredd:24mm