Bataleon snowboard tjej Push Up 146

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4 499 kr

Bataleon Snowboard tjej Push Up 146, läs mer om hur Trippel Base Technology gör dig till en bättre åkare här TBT.

You don't need to be G.I. Jane to enjoy this board. Simply a lady who likes to rip the entire mountain is all it takes. The Push Up's medium flex and more pronounced camber make it the stiffest in the ladies line and give it a repsonsive and reactive feel.

When pushed hard, it pushes back with powerful ollies and edge control driven by the hardwood stringers and basalt fiber additives. It's our most dynamic board in the line and its slight tapered outline delivers a comfortable ride. The Freestyle 3BT shaping offers floatation in deep snow and stability when sending it. If you are looking to push the boundaries of your all mountain snowboarding then look no further.